Activities for Parents & Carers

To book an appointment please call 020 8809 9050 

In addition to providing activities for children, our Centre aims to care for the parents and carers too. We facilitate the services for many different sessions to help you become the most qualified, happy and healthy parent. 

Here are the services we are providing for parents and carers this term. 

Exercise Classes 

Exercise is an important activity to maintain your health and reduce your weight. (Funded by the NHS)

Fitness Classes 

For Fathers 

Circuit Exercise

Tuesdays 6:45pm - 7:45pm

1st term:

6th September - 6th December

2nd term: (Updated times)

31th January - 28th March 2023 

Taking place in the Lubavitch House Main Hall £60 for 8 sessions. 

For Mothers

Post - natal Pilates with Brooke

Cost £60 for 10 sessions  

Mondays 9:45-10:45 in Lubavitch Hall 

1st term:

5th September - 5th December

2nd term:

9th January - 20th March


Aerobics with Samina

Cost £40 for 9 sessions 

Mondays 10:45-10:45 in Lubavitch Hall starting 9th May - 11th July.

In Lubavitch House Main Hall.


First Aid  -  For Mothers

Little children are adventurous and have little understanding of danger. To what to do in case of an emergency will be half the cure. Please book in advance.

Thursday 10th November

11:00am – 1:00pm

Lubavitch Hall

Please book in advance £10 per person

Solihull Parenting 

10 week course for mothers

This is an evidence based parenting programme that will help you develop and focus on a more positive and rewarding relationship with your family.

Research shows that this course has helped parents feel calmer and their children’s behavior has improved.

Delivered by Koach parenting.

Limited crèche places available


9:30 am – 11:30 am

Next course starting after Pesach; dates TBA.

Henry: Healthy Start Better Future

An 8 week healthy eating course for young mothers. 
(Will return)

Spot the Schema

Schemas are patterns of behavior that are present in all of us from birth. Most of us have one dominant schema by the time we reach adulthood. This course is a fun way to find out why children behave in certain ways and what you can do to support their learning and development. With Devorah Leah Sudak. 

Thursday 10:00 - 11:00am

26th January & 1st Febuary