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Summer Program 2017 

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Great Parade 5777 

This year's Great Parade was the biggest ever!

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Yeshiva World: 

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Chanukah Sensory Experience

Our Chanukah Sensory Experience program was a big success! lubavitch (2).PNG

►  April - July 2015 

A Guide to Lubavitch Children's Centre Come & Play the Torah Way!

Click here for details!  

 December 2014!! 

A super fun Chanukah & Winter Programme! Check out our calendar for details and booking information!


 Summer 2014

A Super Summer Programme! Click here for more details!  


 ►May 2014

THE GREAT LAG B'OMER PARADE! Click here for more details! 


March 2014

New Services! Click here for more info

Child-minding Information Session. Click here for more details...

  First Aid for Mothers & Fathers. Click here for full details

  Budgeting Course for Fathers. Click here for more details.


►February 2014

Highlights of the Week. Click here for more info.

'6 Keys to a Happy Marriage'

With internationally acclaimed speakers - Rabbi & Rebbetzin Plotkin! Click here for full details!

  Emergency First Aid @ Home for Mothers. Click here for more details...


►July & August 2013

Summer program! Click here for more details... 


►April 2013

Lag B'omer Parade... Featuring Shloimy Gertner!! 

Program begins at 10am at Lubavitch House, London N16. Fun for the whole family!

 click here for more details.  

Lag B'omer Funday in Clapton Common Park!

Sunday 28th April. Click here for more details!


►February 2013

'Chinuch from the roots.' 

Parenting course with Mrs Chanale Canterman (Eretz Yisroel)


►January 2013


'Shlomo Hamelech's 7 Secrets to a successful Marriage,'  Evening for Men with Rabbi Avrohom Plotkin & for Ladies with Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin, Internationaly acclaimed speakers from Toronto! click here for full details!


►December 2012 

Our annual Chanukah Funday will be held on Sunday 9th December 2012!

Click here for more details.

We will also be running a special Winter Program! Click here for more details.

►November 2012 

Tuesday 20th November 2012 will be Road Safety Day! Come and hear how to keep your family safe when out & about, with our local Road Safety Officer at 2pm. Information and leaflets will be available!  

►October 2012

Mother & baby swimming every Wednesday! click here for details


►Summer 2012

We have a very exciting Summer Program throughout the month of August!Click here for details!


►July 2012

We have renovated our Swimming Pool and have added new baby changing facilities! Watch out for details of Summer Swimming Sessions! 


►16th May 2012

'My Journey' Exchange

We're Celebrating! Click here for details 


►May 2012 

Lag B'omer on the Common! Click here for details


►December 2011 & January 2012

Chanukah Adventure Zone 2011! Click here for details

Special Winter Program! Click here for details


►August 2011

Special Summer Program! click here for details


►May 2011 

Lag B'omer on the Common! Click here for more details! 


►May 2010

In the past few months of operation we have reached over 400 families with children under the age of 5. Visitors to the centre include children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, child- minders from the wider community of Stamford Hill. We hope to continue the activities we have started and start new ones in the near future, meeting the needs of the community.

Our Childcare provision is growing everyday. Since we've had our very good report from Ofsted, Hackney and Haringey have both accepted us on their 2 year old free childcare pilot scheme. Allowing 2 year olds to have 15 hours free childcare. 

We are planning our 'Chanukas Habayis' on Monday the 7th June, and plan a big Craft Fun day on the 6th June. 

Please look at our calendar for current sessions and programmes. 


The Building works have been completed and we are currently in the snagging stages. At the same time we have managed to move in and unpack our furniure and toys.We are trying to get everything sorted as soon as possible and all health and saffety measures in place so that we can start opening up to the public and start providing services from after Yom Tov.We hope to be able to start the childcare from the new term in January.

Parshas Bechukosai
The brickwork will continue for the next few weeks .The internal partitions will be put in and the concrete in the play area will be poured.

 Parshas Behar
The roof is now complete, and the brickwork is progressing nicely and the outer walls have been insulated.
An original brick from 770 has been built in next to the main entrance.

We are happy to invite you on March 2 for an open day so that you can familiarise yourselves with the LCC. You will be able to personally meet the staff members of the different services and learn more about what they will be offering.

You will also have a chance to give  your own input and ideas about  the centre. And you will be able to tell us in what way you would like to participate in this wonderful project.

There will be some FREE activities for children including a jumping castle and balloons.


We are happy to inform everyone that the Open Day was very successful. Thank you to everyone who attended, and to all those who have given their time to make this day the success it was. There were allot of children who had a nice time on the jumping castle, made lots of pieces of art on the craft table and had the most fun with all the balloons that went up to the ceiling. At the same time people walked around and got to know the service providers, had all their questions answered and gave their suggestions.

Monday 26 Adar I / 3 March, Mr Gorman will be laying the foundation stone for the centre. This will be followed by a small reception. We will keep you updated on how it went.