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Megila reading for mothers and children.
Programme: 5:30; Megila: 6:40. Monday - Taanis Esther.
Pre booking necessary, £5 per family . At Lubavitch house 


Lag BaOmer

Parade and funfair
Thursday 19th May
Parade starts at 9:30am until 11 am at Lubavitch house car park
Funfair at Clapton Common (near the pond)

Shavuos- Hear the Aseres Hadibros

Sunday 5th June / 6 Sivan - 1st day Yom Tov
Free ice-cream for all children!
Lubavitch House back playground

Chicks & Ducklings Hatching

Bringing you an unforgettable little miracle ! Come watch and interact with our freshly hatched chicks and ducklings.

13th – 23rd June

You can meet them in Stay & Play sessions on Monday 20th June (PM), Wednesday 22nd June (AM) and in after school club on 22nd June as well as at our Tatty & Me on Friday 17th June.

Summer Programme

Our summer programme for 2022 is now live!
Check our calendar for dates and times, ( the programme will come shortly)

The programme runs:

Tuesday 26th July- Petting Zoo
Wednesday 27th July- Inflatables

Tuesday 2nd August- Cooking Fare
Wednesday 3rd August- Craft Day

Tuesday 9th August- Water day
Wednesday 10th August- Craft Day

Morning sessions: 10:30 - 12:30 | Afternoon sessions: 1:30 -  3:30

Boys ages 0-7 years 
Girls ages 0-9 years

Pre-booking is required.

Winter Programme

Our winter programme for 2021 is now live! Check out our calendar for dates and times, or view our programme here.

The programme runs from Wednesday the 29th of December until Thursday the 30th of December.

Morning sessions: 10:30 - 12:30 | Afternoon sessions: 13:30 -  15:30

And a special session for boys:

29th of December 19:00-20:00

30th of December 18:00-19:00

Pre-booking is required.

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