Baby Club

A session esspecially geared for babies up to 9 months old (if you have a toddler as well, they can join) with relevant services provided. Your baby will have a chance to play and interact with their peers. Mothers have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends while participating in a variety of different workshops.

These include:

  • Baby Massage:  Learn and practice the techniques to calm and relax your baby. For babies ages 4 weeks - 9 months (if not crawling).  
  • Post Natal Advice: Informal discussion with time for questions. With Gitit Rottenberg, JuMP.
  • The Benefits of Treasure Baskets: Natural materials enable babies to explore texture, taste, smell and sound of objects. Learn how to make your own basket. With Mrs DL Sudak.  
  • Dunstan baby language
  • Babies first taste: Advice & information on weaning with Sharon Potashnik, qualified dietician.
  • Breastfeeding support : During every baby club session you can come and receive support with your breastfeeding needs. JuMP offers one to one advice, help and support for mothers who are breast-feeding. 
  • Early Communication Workshop: When and how to start talking to babies. With Laura Martin, Speech Therapist.