Living With The Times

Shofar Factory

An opportunity to learn all about shofar making.

Explore & Experiment!


Yom Kippur

Chicken for Kaporos

Life-size chicken on display in our front garden


Parshas Noach


Hold, touch & feel small animals and reptiles

in our front garden


Parshas Lech L’cho & Vayeira

Camel & Well

See the life – size camel & well


Parshas Chayei Soro

Soro’s Tent

Come and see the cloud, the challis and the candles


Parshas Toldos

Lentil Soup

Come and “cook” with a tray full of lentils


Parshas Vayeitze

Yakov’s Ladder

See the life-size ladder


Parshas Vayishlach


Meet Yakov’s flock