Throughout the day, children are engaged in the following activities:

The children gather together at circle time as we greet all our friends. We daven together through songs and motions. The children all put a penny in Tzedakah, and hug the little stuffed Torahs. The name of the Sedra and the main story line is taught and acted out, through hands on experiences and songs.  

Play is a vehicle of growth for the young child. During free play, children learn to interact with each other and play cooperatively. Playtime affords a child the opportunity to share, think and to problem solve.  A variety of toys in the classroom encourages children to use their wonderful imaginations and build upon their creative, dramatic play while developing their gross and fine motor skills. The centres allow the children to develop their ability to make choices, and play in the area where they are attracted to.

Our children participate in outdoor and indoor activities. During indoor and outdoor play children enjoy developing their large motor skills, further developing the eye/hand coordination and eye/foot coordination. Several of the games we play involve working as a team.We have an indoor Loft, ramp, rocking boat and trampoline where the children can learn vital skills like climbing and going down the stairs safely.

Music is the universal language in our classrooms! Our classrooms are equipped with musical instruments and opportunities for children to explore rhythm and song. Each room is provided with a loaded i-pod, full of Jewish Children's music and chasidic songs, that connects into our built in sound system.

The children will have an opportunity to explore their creativity using a variety of art media. Paints (including tempera, watercolors and bio-colors), markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, glitter and felt are a few of the myriad of materials the children will experiment with in the classroom. It is important to remember that it is the process not the finished product that matters! We want your children to feel proud of their creations!

Each room also features a messy craft tray, that gets filled daily with different materials, allowing the children to experience a variety of textures with their hands, feet or if they desire, with their whole body.

Children will also have hands-on experiences learning about Jewish values, and the customs associated with Shabbos and all the Jewish holidays.


Preparing and celebrating Shabbos is a special time. Every Wednesday the children start preparing for Shabbos by shopping for the challah ingredients and will bake their own Challah on Thursday. On Friday morning they will have a Shabbos party. 
The children welcome Shabbos by singing shabbos songs , pretending to go to shul, saying the brachos over the candles, reciting  Kiddush over the wine (grape juice) and singing hamotzee on home made Challah.

We have computers with interactive white boards in each classroom networked with the office printers. Developmentally appropriate software is available for exploration during choice time. The children use the computers as a tool in their learning. Technology is not taught in isolation but rather as incorporated activities within the classroom. The children learn to follow directions, match objects and are introduced to beginning reading readiness and math readiness skills. The children often enjoy drawing pictures using the computer and navigating with their fingers on the interactive white board.